Flexible and versatile organisational charts for ASP.NET using
Org Chart Component.

ASP.NET Org Chart Component - Miscellaneous properties

Change the properties on the org chart control to see the effects.

The Organisation Chart Component has a wide range of properties that allow the ASP.NET developer control over the behavior and appearance of the organisation charts that are implemented.


Header Text
My Chart Title
John Smith
Albert Klien
Financial Director
Alfie Boston
Account Controller
Harold York
Financial Operator
Barry Pinter
Technical Director
Alan Hindes
Team Leader
Kernel Mustard
Footer Text

Property Description Value
ShowBackground If true uses a background image for each chart item
Hide Lines shows or hides the organisation chart lines
RenderTopDown If set to true the chart renders top-down
LineColour Changes the line colour
ChartHeadingHTML Sets the header HTML
ChartFooterHTML Sets the footer HTML
Max Depth Restricts the Chart to a number of levels
VerticalLineHeight Sets the depth of the vertical lines in pixels
StackChildNodes Draws the lower levels in a stacked mode.
ShowNavigationBar Shows or hides the navigation icons
Chart Title Sets the Chart Title
BackGroundImage Gets or sets the URL of the background image
Hide To Item shows or hides the top item in the organisation chart
Nav Bar Position Place the nav bar at the top or bottom.